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Maybe it's because spring is finally here, maybe it's because I'm in wedding-prep mode - either way I love roses! While they are not my favorite flower, they are definitely an important part of my beauty routine and they definitely should be for you as well. Rose absolute is one of the finest and most delicate essential oils on Earth, The same oil that keeps rose petals soft and beautiful can be just as beneficial to your skin. I've been on a rose kick lately (much to my surprise) so I figured I would share some great rose products that I'm currently loving...

Gourmand EDP Fragrance (in Macaron Rose)

While most of my perfumes are pretty strong, this one is very light and quite lovely. I find it to be more sweet than floral (hence the macron scent) but it still is quite pleasant. This is part of a line that can be found at Urban Outfitters; all are really nice scents and are very affordable - only about $18 for 1.5 ounces.

Kocostar Slice Sheet Mask (in Rose)

I'm a huge fan of sheet masks - commonly used in Asia - which act as a major dose of serum to solve whichever facial woes you may be experiencing. The best part about this mask, however, is that it comes in slices of various sizes which allow you to pick and choose which parts of your face need a boost the most. These slices are adorable - they look like real rose petals - and you can use them to treat areas or irritation and redness as well give a moisture boost to dry patches. It's a great concept. TIP: store this mask in you fridge until you decide to use it so that you can add a cooling element to your facial treatment. Ahhhh!

Fresh Rose Face Mask

I talked about this mask in one of my past monthly favorites posts; it's well worth the price since you do not need that much. Sephora gives out a free birthday gift to its rewards members in the month they were born, so instead of going with the makeup kit, this year I went with a skincare sampler pack from Fresh. I use the Fresh Seaberry facial oil, so I thought I'd give the cleanser and mask a go. The kit included a half-ounce jar of the Rose Facial Mask and I have to say it is one of the most calming things I have put on my skin in a long time. It's so gentle you can use it every day and it smells like fresh roses! The mask itself is a brownish color with actual rose petals in the mixture, and you apply it to your face after cleansing for about 5-10 minutes, rise of and your face feels brand new. I tend to get a lot of redness in my cheeks and this has really helped to balance it out. The best part is that the tiny half-ounce tub has lasted nearly a month! A full size tub (3.3 ounces) is pretty expensive, about $62, but well worth it for the feeling and you know it will last you a long time.

The Body Shop - British Rose Line

On our recent trip to Denver, we stayed at an amazing hotel that had a full-sized bathtub in the bathroom. To me, this could only mean one thing: Jenny needs a bubble bath. While LUSH was under construction at the local mall, there was a Body Shop which was in the process of launching the British Rose scent line. Naturally, I could not turn down some liquid bubble bath that smelled like roses and I was not disappointed. I also got the matching body butter - I smell like a bloody garden.

LUSH Cosmetics - Pearl Massage Bar

At Christmastime, LUSH releases it's highly acclaimed Rose Jam Shower Gel and unfortunately it's seasonal since the shower gel would be too expensive and hard to make all year round...much to everyone's dismay. Fortunately, they have a massage bar (or a solid bar of body oil) that has the same, sweet-rose scent: Pearl. You can pick this baby up anytime of the year and make yourself smell sweet and delicious.

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