My MARCH 2016 Favorites

Yes, I'm aware that I'm super late to the party. I was so hung up with getting everything right with my new job and organizing affairs for my family that I forgot to update you on my favorite products for the month of March. Some of these you may have seen from me before, but that's all the more reason to check them out. Clearly they are my absolute favorites :) Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts too!

1. TV SHOW - Air Disasters

After watching a few World War II documentaries on the Smithsonian Channel, I accidentally started watching a series called "Air Disasters" which spends an hour describing and trying to solve the mysteries around what caused a plane (or helicopter) to crash. Naturally, someone with flying anxiety (*ahem* such as myself) would probably be advised to avoid watching this show. For whatever reason, I still can't seem to look away. The awesome part is that every episode shows not only what the air industry has learned from the crash, but also what has been done since then to prevent the same accident from ever happening again. This is what gives me comfort. While the reenactments leave a lot to be desired (the acting is really bad), the computer-generated reenactments of the plane crashes are incredibly realistic. Despite how terrifying some of the crashes look, it is pretty amazing how many people actually end up surviving.

2. FOOD - Maple Crunch Bar, Jelina Chocolatier

I discovered this brand at our local organic grocery market in Jersey City and I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I bought the Maple Crunch chocolate bar (because I'm from Vermont, duh). This is a great chocolatier out of Quebec and all of their chocolate is not only delicious, but made with fair trade ingredients - so you can feel all warm and fuzzy about yourselves. This chocolate is great with some tea, and the maple chucks are awesome! A little bit like toffee. Check out their other flavors too - they're available at all Whole Foods as well.

3. DRINK - Campfire Pancakes Apple Cider, Woodchuck

On Ash Wednesday, I missed taking my usual trip to Woodchuck but C went instead and came back with a growler full of a new seasonal flavor. He told me he thought the flavor was totally bizarre at first, but after a while you realize it's delicious. This flavor, of course, was Campfire Pancakes, and I could not thank him enough for introducing me to this flavor. It literally tastes like breakfast in a glass - pancake-flavored apple cider somehow. I think I finally found a new flavor to repair the hole in my heart after Oopsy Daisy was retired this past Fall.

4. BODY - Beautiful Shower Gel, LUSH Cosmetics

I love LUSH products: this is an understatement. My latest love came when I was in need of a new body wash and then came across this amazing new scent (launched in November). Peach is always my go-to smell/flavor, and this one combines peach with a really unique scent: myrrh. The company's site describes this scent as "a blend of warming and exotic myrrh brings a sensual musk to the sunny perfume of fresh peach juice and dried apricots." The combination sounds strange, but the scent is so uplifting and is really...just...beautiful!

5. WELLNESS - Cream Deodorant in Lavender by Meow, Meow, Tweet

Cream deodorants are all the range right now and I see what the hype is all about. There's an awesome, quirky boutique around the corner from my apartment that sells unique beauty products and that's where I found this cream deodorant in a lovely lavender scent. Although the deodorant is easy to apply, not streaky, and is all-natural, you have to remember that it is JUST a deodorant and NOT an antiperspirant. If you sweat like a pig, this stuff will combat stink but not sweat.

6. BOOK - Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking

When I came back from Korea I was committed to learn some easy recipes but the trouble was finding a cookbook in English that would properly show their special techniques. That's when I discovered Maangchi's cooking channel on YouTube. She's an amazing Korean woman living in New York City and makes all kinds of Korean recipes easy for average cooks like me to understand. She recently came out with a beautiful cookbook that gives tons to tips and provides a page of all the essentials you should have in your pantry to make Korean food. Plus, she's adorable and funny :)

7. HOME - Bamboo State Cutting Board

I've passed by the New Jersey cutting board in Bed Bath & Beyond several times and ended up passing on it in order to buy the cutting board in the shape of my home state. I love quirky cutting boards anyway given how much artisanal cheeses I consume. These cutting boards are adorable, very well made, and make a great gift for a wedding or birthday. Actually, if you order them off of Etsy, you can get them personalized with a star or heart over the location of a particular city.

8. FASHION - Tilo Scarf

My scarf collection is massive; I started wearing scarves religiously since living in France but have slowly made additions over time. I recently learned that Pop Sugar has a box subscription that has limited addition fashion, jewelry, and beauty items, and in their February box they had this scarf from Tilo which was made exclusively for them. I had to have this scarf, so I ended up going on Ebay to find one that a buyer of the Pop Sugar box was willing to part with - best choice ever. The scarf is gray with a bunch of little white hearts, and it's HUGE when it's laid out. You can wear this scarf is so many different styles, and really you can buy this same brand in a variety of different colors and styles. Really great scarves!

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