Travel Photo Series: BORDEAUX, FRANCE

When you think of France, there is no doubt that it is Paris that comes to mind first. However, I know better. One city that I only got to experience on the second time around was Bordeaux - and I'm so pleased I did! As one of the most important port cities in Europe, Bordeaux is rich with culture and history - not to mention AMAZING food and...*ahem* wines! My counselor (Christian, or as I call my "French Papa") and his family relocated to Bordeaux not long after I left Bretagne, and so I was visiting them for the first time in their new home. Additionally, my (real) dad was able to come on this trip with me, and my former classmate, Alice, also happened to live nearby and she traveled to the city to spend a day with us! Bordeaux is a wonderful city worth a stop on your next trip to France. Bon voyage!

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