Peyton vs Cam: My Own Analysis

If you turned on any sports network this week, I'm sure you're sick to death of the analysis and comparison of ridiculous statistics that go into predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl. It never ceases to amazing who came up with the idea of keeping track of some of these stats.

Frankly I don't think any cluster of numbers and algorithms will ever concretely determine the outcome of a match, but I cannot argue that there could not have been a more perfect design of a matchup for the 50th Super Bowl celebration. Peyton Manning versus Cam Newton - both incredibly talented quarterbacks, one seasoned, one still quite green. To be honest, this is probably the first Super Bowl where I do not have a team that I am full invested in supporting. I will be perfectly happy no matter which team wins this year.

I'm going to join the millions who have already done so and add my two cents as to the outcome of the game. There is no chance I'm going to make any money out of this prediction, but if I am right please make sure that you tell all of your friends that I was right!


Broncos 30

Panthers 24


Only one loss all year means the Panthers definitely deserve to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year. They are a team of relatively young players, and after a few seasons of struggling, Cam Newton finally has an offensive line that can and will work with him. Not to mention, he is one of the leading rushers in the league as a quarterback. I think Cam is a great guy and he certainly maintains his prowess a great role model for kids. Nevertheless, the Panthers started out the season strong, but fizzled out to wins just barely coming out ahead towards the end of the year. Their one loss to Atlanta will certainly have the Denver analysts pouring over exactly what went wrong as a key to beating them. Carolina's defense is one of the strongest in the league; however they will be without a few key players who are currently suffering from injuries. (Not the least of which is Jared Allen - who was awesome in Minnesota!) Peyton seems to have a lot of time to throw the ball and when he does he usually hits his intended target, so putting pressure on the quarterback will definitely be the key for the defense. Cam might be in trouble rushing against the Denver defense, which is responsible for much of the team's success this year.


Keep in mind that the Patriots were undefeated until the Broncos came along and beat them...not once, but twice. It was not necessarily that the Patriots played poorly; Denver just clearly played better. The key to the Broncos win is their defense, which were able to keep much of the team's win record intact during Peyton Manning's really rough start to the year. Injury and doubt kept him on the sidelines for much of the season, but there is no doubt that the Sheriff is back and is determined to close out his career with a bang! Or at least as many Super Bowl rings as his brother. The whole Manning family is full of darn nice people, and Peyton will close out his career, win or lose, a living legend. He's as fresh as he can be for this matchup and I think he learned his lesson against the Seahawks two years ago. If there is one thing he is great at, it’s that he learns from past mistakes and adjusts accordingly. I anticipate that Denver will beat Carolina by the same score that they beat New England by earlier this year. It's really funny that they are going in the underdogs, but I love a good sports story - so does the rest of America.

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