The 5 Most Played Songs on my iPod

Music has been a force drawing human beings together for centuries, and more often than not people look for commonalities between each other based on their tastes in music rather than their hometown or families. It's a pretty powerful force, mostly for good.

I'm one of those people who can only really listen to music in the car, while cooking, cleaning or while running/walking - it's difficult for me to play songs in the background while I work and it's even more distracting while trying to read. The majority of the time I take long walks just to be with myself and clear my mind of all my troubles from the day. This is usually a time that I want to listen to deep, sentimental music and as a result, I have listened to the songs below more often than anything else on my iPod.

Hope you enjoy these as well and let me know your favorite songs since sharing music is exactly what makes the world go around.

1. "Queen" - Perfume Genius

I first heard this song in the soundtrack of the TV Show, Mr. Robot, and something just clicked - I loved it. The bizarre layers and the 80's-pop feel to it make it unlike any song I've listened to lately. Additionally, the lyrics are really strange and thought-provoking, but extremely short and simple. For some reason I also cracked up at the line, "No family is safe when I sashay" - sounds like me in a grocery store and a dance-worthy song comes on.

2. "Sometime Around Midnight" - The Toxic Airborne Event

As with the rest of the songs on this list, my dad introduced me to this song first, and I absolutely fell in love with the lyrics. I would argue that everyone can relate to this song, because it perfectly describes every emotion that someone feels who went through a horrible breakup, is out with some friends, and then your stomach sinks when you see the one you loved walk in the door with someone new. The song starts out slow and really builds up, just as the anger and anxiety would build up in someone going through this emotional ride. It's a sad song, but it's beautiful.

3. "Rollercoaster" - The Bleachers

The Bleachers have made a lot of fun songs, but this one I love for the strong beat and the fact that you could actually dance to this one. The music video is also really cute; well cute as in he pursues an attractive woman in her car only to get his ass kicked. I'm a fan of the 80s-revival style with certain beats and keyboard use; this one is near the top of that list.

4. "Longer Boats" - Cat Stevens

A very old song, but this one has a lot of sentimental value to me - my dad used to sing this song to me when I was a toddler, and so I always associated this song with feeling happy and safe. If my anxiety gets to strong, I like to stop and listen to this classic Cat Stevens song. It's not his most popular song of course, but quite frankly the whole "Tea for the Tillerman" album is full of amazing music.

5. "The John Wayne" - The Little Green Cars

Layers of sounds and rhythm changes are something that I love in music, but more often than not these songs don't end up on the radio because they don't fit the stupid Pop-Song-Mold. The Little Green Cars are an Irish group with a strong female singer included in the harmonies. If I had to pick my favorite of their songs, this one would be it - but all of their songs include some pretty amazing, mind-blowing verses. The most relatable line in this song: "It's easy to hate yourself when all your love is inside someone else."

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